Like Christmas, many people have forgotten the true meaning of Figawi weekend.

Island legend tells that the sailing race was given it’s name after sailors, lost in the fog during the inaugural race, asked, “Where the f*** are we?” While a charming story, it’s completely untrue. The Figawi race was actually named after Nantucket Baseball all-star second baseman Jimmy Figawi. Figawi, a Brooklyn native with a lifetime .310 batting average but no sailing or swimming experience, rented a boat and signed up for the race in the summer of ’71. After crossing the starting line in Hyannis, Figawi sailed straight past Nantucket Island and out into the Atlantic ocean – never to be heard from again.

If you see someone wearing a “Where the Figawi?” t-shirt this race weekend, take a moment to the them the real story behind Figawi and remember a true Nantucket Baseball legend….all-star second baseman Jimmy Figawi.


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